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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Best Beers for the Season Part 2--Belgian Beers

by Joseph Elia

In Best Beers for theSeason Part 1 I discussed several beer styles that are perfect for holiday/cold weather drinking. These styles were relatively straight forward variations of ales. They are heavier, bolder beers with heartiness as a defining characteristic. Similarly, beers from Belgium have a hearty character that is delivered in less of a groin-kick manner. They are warming, sweeter, lusher and more complex than the beers I highlighted in Part 1. These qualities add up to a unique cold weather drinking experience that complement the comfort foods we gravitate towards during the drudgery of winter and fend off the chilly temperatures of the season.

Because Belgian beers have so much to offer in flavor and complexity, they require a bit of an education. Here is a fast and dirty look at a few Belgian beers. Trust me there are volumes to learn and I have condensed the info as much as possible for you. At the end of this article I have more interesting Belgian beer facts.There are more than 1,500 styles of beer brewed in Belgium, but I will only concentrate on Saisons, Strong Pale Ales, Dubels, and Tripels.