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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Great Prices to Ring in the New Year!!!

Great deals on some Great Beers!!!

Besides our Anniversary Pricing Release specials (click here incase you forgot) we have marked down some other craft beers to help you ring in the New Year....

All Rogue products are now $39.99 (while supplies last)

Port Brewing Wipeout IPA 22oz has been marked down was $58 it's now only $46.40...this is a well balanced SoCal IPA and is perfect for a New Year celebration

Clown Shoes Galactica was $49.95 it's now priced at $39.95...this is the least expensive DIPA in the store. It was a favorite at our tasting a month ago.

Mendocino Brewing Company Variety Case is now only $'s the least expensive craft variety in the store... the case features their Black hawk Stout (5% ABV), Red Tail Ale (6% ABV), White Hawk IPA (7% ABV), and Eye of the Hawk Ale (8% ABV).

All Erie Brewing products are marked down to $30.49...this is solid brewery out of Erie PA.

Stella Artois and Best of Belgium cases are $29.99 and have a $10.00 rebate (total cost to $19.99 after rebate)

Yuengling Lager 24 pack cans are $17.99 (while supplies last)

Miller Lite 24 pack cans are $21.09 (while supplies last)

Budweiser 30 packs are $22.49 (while supplies last)

Pabst Blue Ribbon 30 packs are $17.49 (while supplies last)

Michelob Ultra 12 oz cases are $20.95 (while supplies last)

Natural Light and Natural Ice $14.99 (while supplies last)

Have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Held Over Until New Year's Eve!!

Held over until New Year's Eve!!!!  All the Anniversary Pricing Releases!!


Click on releases to see the terms

Anniversary Pricing Release No. 1...
Dogfish 60 Minute now is $34.99
Anniversary Pricing Release No. 2...
Bell's Two Hearted now is $39.99

Anniversary Pricing Release No. 3...Sierra Nev. Pale Ale /Torpedo now are $31.99

Anniversary Pricing Release No. 4...
Troegs Perpetual and Hop Back now are $34.99

Anniversary Pricing Release No. 5...
American Standards from $14.99 to $17.99

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Unless otherwise noted all Anniversary Price Reductions start October 29th and are good through to close of business on December 31st.  2 case maximum.