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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hop Slam Event tomorrow 2/09/14!!

Trade up to Hop Slam tomorrow (Feb. 9th) only !

Come in tomorrow Sunday, February 9th, 2014 and buy a case of craft or select imported beer and you can switch one bottle from that case for a bottle of Hop Slam while supplies last (read below for more details).  We open at 10 AM on Sunday.

Heres how it works (read carefully):
Step 1: Come into store
Step 2: Choose a case of craft or select imported beer
Step 3: Buy said case of craft or select imported beer
Step 4: Rip open case of craft or select imported beer
Step 5: Hand us a bottle from case of craft or select imported beer
Step 6: Proclaim "I want to trade up to Hop Slam!"  (or something to that effect...introverts are permitted to mumble)
Step 7: Prepare for future beer-gasm

More details..
  • You are limited to one bottle even if you buy more than one case. 
  • Supplies are very limited. We have less than one case.
  • Why am I doing it this way? The owners and I know our success is due to all of you.  We wanted to share the wealth with the people who follow and shop with us, not someone who calls every store in 100 mile radius.  Nor did I think it would be fair just giving the case to the first person who asked for it on the right day, or the first person to see a blast email, or the person on the top of some list  (who btw is a certain Mr. L. Scarpetto who looks oddly like my fellow lackey Matt with a fake mustache).
  • I know I may have told you on the phone, we were not allotted Hop Slam.  I'm sorry I lied but I wanted to figure out a way to share the little we got.  Normally, I look forward to selling great beer to my good customers.
  • Your exchanged bottles will go towards our new bottle exchange program, which means in the future when you buy a case of craft or select imported beer, you can open your case and exchange one of your bottles for one in our exchange inventory.
  • Select imported beers are Weltenberger, Weihenstephan, Orkney, Sam Smiths, O'Hara's, Fullers, Tetley's, Franziskaner, Ayinger, Hacker Pschorr, Paulaner, Delirium, Chimay, Duvel, Leffe, Kronenbourg, and Hoegaarden. 
This is our first foray into such elite beers.  I hope this works well for all involved and we can keep spreading the wealth and introducing you to exciting beers.